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Employee Resource Groups (old; 2022)

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a Workplace Inclusion initiative that is formally supported by Rollins. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups organized around a shared interest, passion, or identity, that help employees find community and drive positive career and business goals. Each group is open to all employees.

Message from our Leaders

Quentin Misenheimer Headshot

Quentin Misenheimer
VP Human Resources

As we continue to build a culture of inclusion at Rollins, it is important to ensure that our employees’ voices are truly valued and that we are creating a workplace that promotes diversity, equity, and a feeling of belonging. We are thrilled to officially launch Employee Resource Groups or commonly referred to as ERGs. ERGs are networks that allow employees to come together based on shared cultural backgrounds, identity characteristics, life experiences or interest, and other common factors. 

Ruby Swann Headshot

Ruby Swann
Director, Workplace Inclusion

In 2022, Rollins will form three (3) categories of ERGs initially, with plans to launch additional ERG categories in 2023. The first ERG categories are:

  • EMPOWER with a focus on Women
  • BRAVE with a focus on Veterans
  • SAGE brings all generations together with a primary focus on Millennial and Gen Z 

Rollins ERG Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

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