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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a Workplace Inclusion initiative that is formally supported by Rollins. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups organized around a shared interest, passion, or identity, that help employees find community and drive positive career and business goals. Each group is open to all employees.


Below is a list of all approved ERG categories. All ERG categories are not active. To learn about which ERG’s are active, please email WPI at

To support Rollins employees with disabilities through community and resource building and assist with workplace accessibility education that will foster a sense of belonging for all.

To establish a network for Rollin’s active, Reserve, and veteran military employees that will create a space to build connections and develop support systems where the needs of veteran employees are understood and met resulting in greater job satisfaction and career advancement.

To support the advancement and development of women through networking, leadership development, mentoring and community involvement while cultivating a sense of belonging.

To raise awareness about our working parents, their issues, and contributions to the Rollins. This ERG provides resources for all facets of family life from being a new parent to dealing with aging parents will fostering a family-friendly workplace.

To build community for People who Embrace and Advocate for Cultural Equity through networking, team building, and allyship to foster a racially inclusive workplace so that all people can have thriving careers at Rollins.

To support and welcome LGBTQ+ employees through resource-sharing, networking events, open dialogue, and education to foster a sense of belonging and build an inclusive workplace for all.

To provide a platform for multi-generational, networking, mentorship, and leadership development for Rollins employees of all ages, with a focus on Millennial and Gen Z engagement and advancement.

To provide a platform that will benefit the physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of all Rollins employees while breaking down the stigma around mental health and learning habits to better integrate life and work.

All ERGs are inclusive and open to all Rollins employees regardless of their identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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