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Stacey Williams


What is your current role?

Workplace Inclusion Analyst

Where are you currently based?

Corporate Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia

Why is this initiative important to you?

This initiative is important to me because every employee within Rollins has a story to tell. We have various dialects, we are differently abled, we acknowledge countless diverse/cultural observances, and we even look different! Our variances are what make us uniquely beautiful! By actively taking part in this initiative, I am able to support, celebrate, and learn from all employees in our family of brands and assist in providing an outlet for their voices.

What can this council count on you for?

The Council can count on me to provide empathy, consideration, progressiveness, and above all, a creative and sincere viewpoint on all things centered around DEIBA. I understand that the work we are asked to do is not easy, but with an open-mind and listening ear, we can ignite change.

Favorite quote?

“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch Everyday”

– Dr. Sevo Eroglu